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Our Mission

The overall mission of INTESOL Worldwide is to help people from a broad range of backgrounds achieve a varied and fulfilling lifestyle through teaching English and living abroad.

Our aim is to help you develop and grow as a person by showing you how to become a confident, well-resourced, professional ESOL/EFL teacher.

Through continuing research and development INTESOL seeks to be the world leader in quality TESOL/TEFL training; TESOL/TEFL training that takes into account the demands of every day life.

We are ranked amongst the top TEFL course providers for the quality of our teaching so, whatever your reason for studying, you’ll find yourself in expert hands.

When you choose INTESOL Teach Abroad you:

  • choose a company with 22 years of experience and a proven track record in quality TEFL training.  We’re well known in the TEFL industry and have worked hard to maintain an excellent reputation.  We owe this entirely to the thousands of top class TEFL teachers that are teaching English all over the world with an INTESOL certificate.  In an industry full of newly established TEFL companies our long standing reputation is invaluable to you.  It means you can be sure your TEFL certification is not just a piece of paper, it’s instantly known and respected by employers, increasing your ability to land the best jobs.
  • join a network of TEFL professionals that spans the globe.  When you join our inner circle you gain access to the best TEFL jobs, Internships and volunteer projects available .  We carefully select who we work with so that your welfare is guaranteed.  We’ve made a lot of contacts over the years and you’ll have access to this network from day one.
  • choose flexibility! With INTESOL you can earn your accredited TEFL certification online, in-class or by blended learning.  Whatever your budget or study preference, INTESOL has an option for you.
  • choose a TEFL training provider that is externally accredited and moderated by more than one awarding body.  Our courses have passed rigorous inspection time and time again with flying colours.

In short, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

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